We won’t allow anyone into your home that we wouldn’t trust in ours.

We are dedicated to providing the best service for your family. From house sitting to date nights to emergencies and overnight trips, Time Out Sitters has you covered.
San Antonio

We're handy to have around.

Life is messy. We know things pop up all the time, so we offer a bunch of additional services to help you be flexible when life throws the unexpected at you.


You have a lot on your plate. Whether it’s a regular occurrence or a last-minute meeting, we’re there to step in.

Date Nights

We can watch your kids during your night out. Either in-home, the hotel or even overnight.

Pet Sitting

We can keep your furry friends safe and happy as well. We are available for overnight or drop-in visits.

Weddings & Events

We keep the kids entertained so the adults can enjoy the festivities! Let us create the perfect package for you.


We can help in the nursery for weekly services and Bible study, VBS, retreats, special events, holidays and more!

Special Needs

Tell us about your needs, from allergies to sign language to special care and more. Our sitters are experienced and ready to help!


annual fee

Your Time Out Sitters Membership

Your membership allows us to maintain the highest levels of dependability and security.

Your membership begins as soon as you register and is billed annually. Visiting from out of town? Contact us for assistance prior to registering.

Job minimums

We know that sometimes you may come home earlier or later than you planned. Early? No problem! We will charge you only for the job minimum for that day of the week. Later? Please check with the sitter to make sure a potential late return will work with her schedule and please contact your sitter immediately if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Monday - Thursday

Friday - Sunday


Monday - Thursday


hour minimum

Friday - Sunday


hour minimum



hour minimum

In-home hourly

Our in-home rates start at $20.00 per hour for one child. Then, it’s an additional $1 per child within your immediate family. Your kids’ friends are always welcome and will be charged our Guest rate of $3 per hour per guest.

One Child

+ Additional Kids

+ Additional Guest

One Child


per hour

+ Additional Kids


per hour, per kid

+ Additional Guest


per hour, per guest

In-home Groups

For in-home group sitting, a minimum of 2 sitters are required at the group rate of $25 per hour per sitter, and the number of sitters required will depend upon the number and ages of children present.

* For more information about onsite sitting services for events and weddings, please email events@timeoutsitters.com.

0-12 Months

13-35 Months

3-4 Years

5+ Years

0-12 Months



13-35 Months



3-4 Years



5+ years




per night

(up to 3 dogs)

Pet & house sitting

In addition to caring for your pets, this rate includes watering plants, collecting mail and gathering newspapers. We can also do a daily visit for $28 per visit.

Rates do not include the travel fee.

We’ve been there.

As moms, we know plans can change at any time and at any place. Good news; we’re prepared to help you!


You can still request a sitter outside of our office hours for the very next day or even for the same day. Once the sitter is confirmed, a $30 surcharge will be added.


Ugh, we hate these too, but we know change can be unavoidable. We are happy to take cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. If a job is cancelled 24 hours or less from the start time, only a $50 charge will apply ($65 for holidays).

Sick Kiddo

It happens. We’ll watch your little one while they get to feeling better. Send us the symptoms ahead of time so we can let the sitter know what to expect. An additional $3 per hour will apply for each sick child.

Hotel Visits

Keeping kids safe and entertained in a hotel can be tricky, but our sitters are creative! We can handle all of the logistics of in-hotel childcare at an additional $5 per hour.

Travel Fees

A travel fee ranging from $5 - $15 applies to each appointment.


Holidays are busy - let us help! Holidays are an additional $5 per hour, with a job minimum of 5 hours*. Holidays include: New Year’s Day, Valentine's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

* New Year’s Eve is an additional $10 per hour, with a job minimum of 5 hours